Free Customize Software for Windows and Linux Operating Systems

Free Custom Software for Windows and Linux Operating System

Free Customize Software

If your looking for free customized software, look no further than
The Free Customize Software Company. I will create any software
program/package for free.

Why am I making customize programs for free? There is two reasons. The first is to show prospective employers what
skills I have. The second reason is to build a list of references, which I can give to prospective employers.

I will make customize programs in the following languages: C, C++, COBOL, DB2, and CICS.
Coming soon: JAVA

Sorry, COBOL, DB2, CICS will have be tested by the requestor since
I do not have a compiler which will make an executable for Windows to run.

Operating System for custom software programs can be:

Mainframe Operating Systems (VMS etc).
Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, XP.
Coming Soon Linux.

Customized Software: PTDP - Print To Default Printer - Sends any file to your default Windows Printer.

The next program I will be working on will be a stand-alone Windows 2000 Update program.
This will allow System Administrators to turn off VBS (Visual Basic Script) in IE.
Having the VBS access on is a big security risk.

If there is a program that you would like me to make, please e-mail me at
I reserve the right to not make any requested software program(s). I will notify you if I will not fulfill your request.

If you request a program to be made, in the e-mail please tell me if I may use your name as a reference in my search
for a programming job.

About Me:

I am looking for employment programming in C, C++, COBOL, CICS, or DB2.

If you find a problem with this web site, please e-mail

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